The Art of Paying Forward


Paying it forward is a trend we all can hop on, but sometimes, in this economy, it seems hard to give away to others when we can hardly give to ourselves. That’s where our perspective needs a little push in a more positive direction. The Sevenly headquarters has a “complaining room” filled with pictures of children around the world suffering from far worse problems than some we face, reminding the Sevenly staff, when their attitude drops, to see outside of themselves. Taking it a step further, Sevenly helps remind the world that People Matter, spreading their mission “of leading a generation toward generosity.”

Sevenly creates weekly cause campaigns through lifestyle products to help fund charity projects around the world. Each product is sold for a week, and with each purchase, $7 of every product is given to that week’s charity. Since many people have never donated to a charity before, Sevenly created a social awareness model, allowing people to donate their “social influence” by sharing the word of Sevenly and its weekly cause campaigns through social media outlets. Then, they created products such as t-shirts that allows the customer to get something in return for giving back, and creating more awareness of the charity as they become a walking billboard for that cause by wearing a beautifully designed t-shirt. I don’t know about you, but I for one am a sucker for good design and positivity.

This week’s campaign is for the charity All Girls Allowed, “dedicated to restoring life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers revealing the injustice to China’s One-Child Policy.”  Below are some examples of products that were designed by the Sevenly team for this week.


We all can start somewhere, even if it is just by sharing through social media outlets, you are still making an impact.

Sevenly Social Media




A little positivity can go a long way.




Steve Kardynal is an Internet video genius. A simple search for Steve on video will bring up more then half a dozen videos some with as many as 27 million views.

I was recently forwarded Steve’s Chatroulette version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s embarrassingly catchy pop song, Call Me Maybe. But the greatest thing about the video is that I can’t stop laughing or watching the video.

Between Steve’s ridiculous crossing dressing outfits, the reactions of the other Chatroulette participants, and the ridiculous pop lyrics of Carly Rae Jepsen this could be one of the best viral videos I have ever seen.

It is a very humorous and creative video that utilizes the notoriously creepy Chatroulette to capture some candid moments of people enjoying a good laugh (and some crazy facial expression).

I have a strong feeling some company will copy the concept for a commercial or campaign stunt in the near future. If they are smart they should just hire Steve, he appears to have a secret recipe for viral videos.

Enjoy the video here

- Spencer



Nike touches the heart strings of gamers everywhere by bringing back some old school Nintendo references with some modern day sports antics. Cheers to Nike for practically making a teaser trailer for how we all wish we could live our lives. Nothing like sizing up our day-to-day interactions with an achievement based point system. I don’t know about you, but it gets me motivated (even if it is just to go home and play some video games). Enjoy.